Toilet Plumbing Services

Toilet Plumbing Services

Toilet Plumbing Services

We think might our toilet plumbing is working but is it really? We assume all is well if we don’t hear any suspicious “ghost” flushes or have to jiggle the handle to make things work correctly. If the tank refills without trouble, and no water drips down the side of the bowl an hour after it was last flushed, we feel secure. Sometimes, though, even a broken toilet has no clear signs of a leak or other problem.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to check for silent leaks and overflow problems that might create an enormous water bill. The cost of water on the Gold Coast is expensive

One way to check for toilet leaks is to add about a dozen drops of food colouring into the tank. Let the toilet sit undisturbed for 30 minutes and then check the bowl. If the water in it is tinted, then you know you have a leak that requires toilet repairs, and you should call a professional plumber to check it out.

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If you believe your water may be covering your overflow pipe but aren’t certain, try sprinkling some talcum powder over the tank water. The talcum will allow you to see if water is actually going into the pipe. If it is, you know you need some repair help.

You may be tempted to try some simple repairs, like replacing the ballcock or shortening the chain, but be aware that some problems are more complicated than they look, and many a homeowner has gotten himself in trouble by tearing apart his plumbing and accidentally causing new problems.

Blocked Toilet Can Be Fixed

Blocked Toilet

Unfortunately, toilet plumbing can go wrong in a number of ways. The blocked toilet is one of the issues most people dread the most. An overflowing toilet is smelly and disgusting to clean up. This situation frequently occurs when children try to flush something they shouldn’t, such as a toy car or your expensive cologne. Even adults try to flush the wrong things down the toilet, resulting in some pretty big messes.

Occasionally, these blockages can be fixed by simply fishing out the obstructing object or using the plunger, but many times the problem has gone deep into the pipe, making it difficult for amateurs to fix. When dealing with these types of toilet repairs, you should call for professional help. A specialist plumber can fix your problems quickly, and the price they charge is reasonable. Do-it-yourself work often costs more in the long run.

Mr. Water Heater can fix all your toilet problems, including the basic leaks, overflows, and blocks. If the problem is more complex than that, we can diagnose it and replace faulty parts quickly and with the least disruption possible to the household. After all, when the toilet plumbing is broken, family life become difficult. We can return your life to normal in no time at all!

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