Ron Piggott

…I had a whole house full of badly dripping taps. I tried fixing them myself but just could not stop them from dripping. In frustration I called my plumber, John Crossley to come and have a look. John showed me that the tap seats were badly worn and he suggested his new “Super Washer” System. As the only other alternative was to replace the taps, I asked John to install the “Super Washer” System. John installed the “Super Washer” System in my bathroom, on-suite and laundry taps.  John had me try all the taps once he had finished, as he said he wouldn’t accept payment unless I was happy with the job. They all worked beautifully & I was very happy. No drips and very, very easy to turn, which is great seeing as I have arthritis in both hands. Best of all John is guaranteeing my taps will be drip free for 5 Years. That’s real peace of mind. I have no hesitation in recommending Johns “Super Washer” System to anyone…it just works.