Gaye Hagarty

I called John from Mr. Water Heater to come and fix my “non-working” hot water tank. John did a thorough check of my hot water tank and explained, (and showed me), what the problem was. He then replaced what was needed to get my hot water tank working again. John than suggested he check the “Sacrificial anode” of my tank. He explained that it was the only thing protecting my hot water tank from rusting. I’m so glad John did check it, because it was thoroughly corroded, and my tank was in danger of rusting. I took Johns advice and had him replace it. I also decided to take Johns advice and replace my tanks “Safety Valve”, as it was 5 years overdue for replacement!!! And my tank was in danger of rupturing. My tank is now working beautifully and, thanks to John, from Mr. Water Heaterit should last a long, long time.