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Hot Water Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar hot water systems utilise free warmth from the sun for heating domestic water supplies. This is done with collectors (or solar panels) that are affixed to your roof. These panels trap warmth from the sun, which is used for heating up water stored in a water cylinder. A traditional immersion heater or boiler can be incorporated to increase the water’s temperature, or to offer warm water whenever solar energy is inaccessible.

There are 2 kinds of solar hot water panels: flat plate collectors (that can be integrated into your roof, or fitted onto roof tiles) and evacuated tubes. Bigger solar panels can be fitted to make a contribution towards warming your home too. Nonetheless, usually, the quantity of warmth offered by these panels is small, so this is not recommended.

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Typically, solar hot water repairs are cost effective. The majority of systems have 5 year or 10 year warranties, and they are low maintenance as well. After your system is fitted, your installer will leave you details about the maintenance checks you need to implement every now and again. This will ensure that everything works correctly.

Occasionally, the most essential thing you should check for yourself is whether any leaks are present. If any anti freeze has leaked out (even if no liquid is visible), there will be a distinctive smell. Once you become aware of this, you ought to telephone Mr. Water Heater immediately.

Generally, you should monitor your system to make sure it is doing everything it is designed for. If you aren’t receiving any warm water, or your solar pipes are cool while the pump is operating on a sunny day, then you should ring Mr. Water Heater. We can  also provide annual service checks just to make sure all is working as it should.

For over 50 years, Mr. Water Heater has carried out quick and efficient solar hot water repairs, using top of the range products and competitive prices. Their licensed plumbers will save you time, money and stress by doing a great job. Whenever your solar water heater stops working, telephone Mr. Water Heater for a fast, affordable and quality service.

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