How Often Should I Have My Tankless Water Heater Serviced?

A tankless water heater plays a critical role in many businesses and homes. While most people don’t think about their hot water heater very often, it be a headache for many people if it breaks down. While most tankless hot water heaters don’t require a lot of maintenance, there are several steps that individuals should follow to ensure proper operation. The following guide provides simple tips for servicing a tankless hot water heater.

Most tankless hot water heaters require little maintenance. One of the most common problems in hot water heaters is the buildup of sediment. Sediment can often be found in low levels of well water. Over time, sediment can clog the intake line of many tankless hot water heaters. It’s usually possible to clear a obstruction in a tankless hot water heater by removing the intake line and cleaning it.

Another common problem in tankless hot water heaters is scaling. Scaling can be caused by hard water. Hard water is often found in some types of well water. While many water treatment plants can eliminate excessive minerals from water, most well owners don’t have water softeners installed in their homes.

Tankless Water HeaterWhile dissolved minerals aren’t harmful to homeowners, they can be damaging to appliances in a home. Scaling may require the replacement of tubing inside a tankless hot water heater. In addition, excessive scaling may clog a tankless hot water heater.

One of the best ways to prevent scaling in by using a water softener. Water softeners can remove most dissolved minerals from a water supply. This can be an inexpensive way to increase the life of a tankless hot water heater.

In addition, electric and gas tankless hot water heaters will have different maintenance schedules. Most gas tankless hot water heaters will require more maintenance than electric systems. It’s important to always make sure there is a carbon dioxide monitor near a gas tankless hot water heater. This will prevent the spread of carbon monoxide in a basement or other room.

Always check the instruction manual for a tankless hot water heater to find out the proper maintenance schedule.

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