Hot Water

Hot Water Has Gone Cold

Q. Why has my electric hot water system gone cold?
Ans. If your tank is electric the cause could possibly be a melted thermostat, a blown element or burnt wiring or a blown fuse.


Hot Water Runs Out

Q. Why does my hot water tank run out of hot water too quickly?
Ans. If electric, it could be a faulty thermostat. If it’s a twin element, your tanks bottom element could be blown and you are only heating the top portion of your tank.
If gas, it could be a faulty thermostat or Unitrol valve.
On both electric and gas, a faulty Safety Valve could be releasing too much water causing you to run short.


Hot Water Tank Is Leaking

Q.My hot water tank is leaking from the bottom.
Ans If your tank is electric & leaking from the bottom it could be leaking from the element gasket or the element has a hole in it.
If an electric tank is leaking from the top it could be the Anode nut has rusted away. If not the anode nut, the tank could have rusted through the cylinder wall.
If a gas hot water system is leaking water from anywhere internally it usually means the tank has rusted through the cylinder walls.


Safety Valve. (or Temperature Pressure Relief Valve)

Q. My tanks safety valve is releasing water.
Ans. On Gas and Electric hot water tanks the safety valve can release up to 8 litres,(A laundry bucketful) a day and still be considered operating normally.
The valve needs to be activated every 6 mths (Link to video), and should be replaced at intervals not exceeding 5 years.


Sacrificial Anode, ( Your tanks rust protection device)

Q. Why is it important to have my tanks Anode checked?
Ans. Your tanks “Sacrificial Anode” corrodes instead of your tanks cylinder walls.( Link to Anode video) It lasts for about as long as your tanks warranty, which is about 5 years. After the Anode has been eaten away completely your tank is no longer protected and can rust through and leak in as little as 1 year.


High Power Bills

Q. Why is my electricity or gas bill unusually high.
Ans. If you’ve noticed unusually high power bills it can always be traced back to an overflowing Safety Valve (Link to Safety Valve video) or an unseen hot pipe leak. As your tank loses water it has to continually recover and reheat that water, dramatically increasing your power bills.
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