How We Care

Your Home

At Mr. Water Heater we pride ourselves on being “The Clean Plumbers”, and will love and respect your home.

We Promise to leave your home as clean and neat as when we arrived.


Your Carpet and Floorings

Do you cringe when you invite the average tradesman into your home, with his rusty toolbox, muddy and crusty shoes and dirty unwashed overalls?

At Mr. Water Heater you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised to see our service people wearing clean uniforms, donning protective shoe covers before entering your home and even carrying a protective mat to place under their toolbox to protect your floors and bench tops.

No Surprise Pricing

Before any work is commenced our serviceman will assess your repair and in most cases give you an upfront quote.

Also if any hidden problems pop up during the initial repair your Mr. Water Heater serviceman will advise you before continuing.



For your convenience, and to save you time, Mr. Water Heater trucks are fully equipped and stocked with a range of the most common hot water parts and hot water tanks.

This way we can usually fix your problem on the first call.

Also our team of serviceman are strategically located across the Gold Coast Metro area to limit traveling time to your home.


Unmatched Guarantees

Mr. Water Heater Customers receive a full 2 year workmanship and customer satisfaction guarantee. Our Policy Is To “Fix Your Problem Once and Fix It Right”.

If you have any concerns at all with your repair we promise to do our best to make sure it’s repaired to Your Satisfaction.

Our Policy is that our service people “Own” your job and are held responsible for a full 2 years after completion. This policy virtually guarantees a job well done.


Unbeatable Service

So Why Don’t You Try Mr. Water Heater Out, and Discover How Committed we are To Great Customer Service.

Mr. Water Heater Is Hell Bent On Providing You With A Very Satisfying Service Experience.

So call Now On Mob: 0449 658 387. We are open and waiting to take your call.

Have a Water Heater problem that needs to be addressed immediately or need the services of a Water Heater Repair Specialist in the Gold Coast area you can count on? Contact Mr. Water Heater today at 0449 658 387.